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Currently, the culture of the real estate industry is backwards. Houses are put on the market, offers are accepted, and then inspections are performed. Deficiencies are discovered upon inspection, and buyers & sellers negotiate costly repairs. So, in essence, real estate transactions are negotiated twice, once on the price of the house and again for repairs.

This two-step negotiation ALWAYS costs sellers money! This process leads to frustration, delayed closings, and buyers backing out. If the deal falls through, all the time spent with the house off the market is wasted. The home-selling process has to start all over, and the seller will have to make more mortgage payments. 

The Cliff Freeman Group knows that there is a better way to sell houses, starting with getting your house set up as a certified pre-owned home!  What’s a certified pre-owned home? First, we need to make sure your house qualifies for the program.

Helps Sellers

Helps Buyers

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Full Home Pre-Listing Inspection

Save Money on Listing Repairs

Peace of Mind & Happy Sellers

Fact - Homes That Are Certified Pre-Owned will sell

We Sell More Homes By Offering the Certified Pre-owned Program

Advantages of the Pre-Listing Inspection Program

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