Home Selling Philosophy

The Cliff Freeman Group has 30 years of experience in the DFW area helping homeowners sell their home over market value and under market time while providing the quintessential home selling experience along the way. 

It’s not just about finding “a” buyer, it’s about finding the “right” buyer for your home. The right buyer is one who loves your home the way that you do and is willing to pay top dollar for it. To find the right buyer, we employ a multi-faceted, customized selling approach that drives up the demand on your home to attract the largest number of buyers who are excited to see your home and then make the best offer to purchase it. Along the way, we offer a hassle-free system that takes care of all the details for you so you can work on transitioning to your new home. 

Field Coordinators

We have a specialized team of home preparation experts that will consult with you on what home preparation strategies are going to be the most effective in getting your home sold for above market price in under market time. From there, they will work with the members of our home preparation team to execute your agreed-upon strategy.

Design Coordinators

We’ve teamed up with some of the most successful and creative home stagers and interior designers in the DFW area. They will work with you and your field coordinator to devise a home preparation strategy that wows home buyers the moment they see your home…online or during a private showing.

Staging Your Home

Once you and your design coordinator agree on an approach to staging your home, your design coordinator will work with their vendors and associates to handle every detail to professionally stage your home and get it ready for sale.

Preferred Vendor Pricing

Our design coordinators work with vendors who provide them with better pricing for the same high-quality service they offer to everyone. Those discounts are passed along to you during the staging and home preparation process, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Marketing Your Home

The key to a great marketing campaign is to drive up the demand on your home so we can find the perfect buyer who loves your home and is willing to pay top dollar for it. Here’s a quick look at the different strategies we employ to accomplish that goal.

Custom Webpage

The first time a buyer sees your home will be online in most cases. Your home needs to stand out from the competition online so we can find that perfect buyer. One of the ways we make this happen is to create a custom web page for it. Here, your home is the “star of the show” where buyers will be able to see how beautiful it is, all of the amenities and features it offers and get excited to see it as their primary buying option.


Once a buyer leaves your home, they can often confuse it with other homes they see, making it tougher for them to remember what’s better and different about it. Our professionally created, full color property brochures help your home remain top of mind in prospective buyer’s minds long after they’ve viewed it.

Online & Social Media Marketing

More than 90% of home buyers begin their home search on the Internet so it’s crucial to have a strong presence online as well as on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We invest a significant amount of our marketing budget to ensure your home is not only listed on the most searched websites, but also easy for the right buyer to find it and then schedule time to see it.

Professional Photography

Even in real estate, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Since buyers see your home for the first time, we wow them with crisp, high-quality pictures of all that your home has to offer. Our professional photographer takes a number of pictures of the inside and outside of your home. From there, we pick the absolute best ones to showcase your home online to get it the attention it needs and deserves

Print Ads

While the Internet has taken over as the main place to search for homes, there are still some print media opportunities where it’s beneficial to market your home to find the perfect buyer. We have done the research to find the most effective print media sources for home sellers and make sure your home is well positioned in them for buyers to see it and set up time for a showing.

3D Tours

Online 3D tours give buyer prospects the opportunity to gain a real appreciation for all that your home has to offer, long before they walk through the front door. Our professional photographer takes great care to create amazing 3D tours to excite and attract the right buyer to visit your home in person.